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Lupin's manor is where both him and Jigen live during the first season, aka Green Jacket. The house is fairly big, with two stores and it's made out of bricks.

It has a kitchen, a dinning room, a living room, and three bedrooms on the top floor, along with a bathroom. It also has a library and a lab. Canonically, the house is near the ocean.

Here's a picture of the house, from a distance, to make it easier for you people to see it (ignore the destruction...):

Currently, only Jigs lives there.
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Mun Name: Ukiby
Journal: [personal profile] uki_la_maid
Contact Info: E-Mail: ukiby3000@gmail.com
Other Characters: NONE

Name Daisuke Jigen
From: Lupin III
Appearance: Look at this loser! Just look at him! GEEZ!
Age: Never made clear in canon, but he's clearly on his early thirties
Gender: Male

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[OOC post ahead]

This thing right here was totally copied from [livejournal.com profile] lolspiritfinger, and I regret nothing! I just thought it would be nice to have this up here, for organization sake. It must be noted that, even if Jigen really cares about someone, it'll be quite rare for him to show any kind of 'real' display of affection, because he simply fails at doing such thing.

Important note: This table will be updated constantly as the time passes. If you interacted with Jigs and isn't listed here, wait a little bit and I'll be adding you, eventually. I'll add the 'most significant' relationships first and add the minor ones as the time passes.

: He doesn't care if you exist or not // He's gonna punch your face if he ever sees you D=<
: Acquaintances // Getting to know you
: Neutral relationship // You wave at him, he'll wave back
: Good friends // He'll be willing to listen and talk to you
: He really, really cares if you are alive or not // He'll totally be there for you whenever you need it
: IF SOMEONE EVER HURTS YOU HE'S GONNA HUNT DOWN WHOEVER DID IT! Consequences will never be the same!
: Total and unconditional looove (aka, the tag that will never be used *lol*)

Bonding is hard for him, OK? )
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[The following post is OOC]

This post concerns the [livejournal.com profile] the_love_hotel comm, not [livejournal.com profile] somarium, so, all of you peeps over Somarium can ignore this post and move on with your lives *haha*

For the people over The Love Hotel, please, refer to this permission list located on the Rabbit Role to know what I'm willing to do and what I'm not. Things in the 'No' column won't be done under any circumstance. Sorry, but no way. Things in the 'Maybe' column are quite near 'yes', so depending on the setting I'll be more than willing to do them. Obviously, the ones on the 'Yes' and 'Favorite' columns are widely accepted and I'll enjoy them greatly, thank you very much!

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The following post is OOC.

So, gorgeous people, here's something for you: a How is My Driving post!

Considering that this character is supposed to be totally and completely devoid of social tact (because he's just like that) and I am a social butterfly, I don't exactly know how it is to act all cold and distant. So, if he starts being a tad bit too friendly or is (le gasp!) being totaly polite and nice, here's the place to point that out!

all other kinds of critics can go here too, regarding writing style, grammar and so on... CRITIQUE PEOPLE.

Comments are screened, so don't be afraid to post whatever. I still need to figure out how to make those other things, like enabling anons and whatnot...
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[Character Name] Daisuke Jigen
[Canon] Lupin III
[Point Taken from Canon] Some days after the last episode of the First Series.

[Age] Never explicit in canon, but I assume it's 30-31
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] It's blurry, really.

[Eye Color] Black
[Hair Color] Black
[Height] 178cm (around 5'8ft)
[Weight] 70kg (around 154lb)
[Clothing] This is pretty accurate!
[Room At [livejournal.com profile] a_facility] Suite 26, Room C

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