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Name Daisuke Jigen
From: Lupin III
Appearance: Look at this loser! Just look at him! GEEZ!
Age: Never made clear in canon, but he's clearly on his early thirties
Gender: Male


First things first, Jigen isn't the type of person who likes socializing. He prefers to keep his interactions with others to a minimum, unless he 1) is totally sure that he can trust the person he’s with or 2) can relate to the person, at least to some extent. It doesn’t help he has a lot of trust issues thanks to a multitude of events, so having him trust others is something they have to earn, really.

But, he does appreciate having some fun from time to time. After all, all work and no play isn't the way to live. Of course he isn't always willing to party and go out like his fun-loving partner Lupin, but when he feels like it, he can be a somewhat good company to keep around, if he wants someone to be around that is.

Despite his anti-social behavior, Jigen isn't exactly short tempered or quick to anger. He's actually pretty calm and cool, despite being an alleged criminal with a pretty extensive track record. But when people start stepping on his toes a little bit too much or keep escaping from him on a regular basis when he’s trying to kill them they are in for getting yelled at and, possibly, injured, depending on how much he cares about said person. It isn't hard to see him yell in protest at some of Lupin's attitudes, and he's one of his closest friends, so one must be careful about what he/she says or does to him.

Also, even though he's a thief and, mostly, an assassin, he's a man of honor and a reliable partner (if the person is able to get him to ‘befriend’ them that is). If he ever gives someone his word, he's sure to keep it, no matter what, unless said someone tries to make a fool of him. And it must be noted he isn't very eager to get involved with women. His reasons to dislike them is because most of the ones he crossed paths with were backstabbers, with very few exceptions. But it's better not to push him too much about that subject, because that’ll only piss him off.

Finally, he's pretty ambitious and once he finds something that he's really interested into, be it money, jewels or some random golden statue from a rich man, he's going after it. But he's sure to keep some level of caution while acting, because one slip can lead to prison or something a lot worse. In short, he’s a lot more cautious than his pal Lupin (but then again, Lupin is one hell of a lucky bastard, so he doesn’t really need caution…)


There's this GINORMOUS headcanon I have for him, but let's just stick to the official canon, because this is an app, not a walk in the park (not to mention you can read all about it on his Profile Meme anyway...). Also, this history takes into consideration the anime only (aka no bits and pieces from the manga).

Anyways, background on this character is kind of hard to deliberate about, because the canon never really mentions much about his past, before the beginning of the series. There are tidbits here and there in some episodes and specials, but they are never too clear or well explained.

What can be said is that he has been an outlaw for a good part of his life (he's once shown training with his gun under the guidance of Joe Spade when he's around 17). It is also implied that, at some point, he was involved with the mafia and had to 'run away' from them by reasons unknown. Somewhere in the past he also met a girl named Angelica and fell in love with her big time, but he ended up having to leave her, since he didn’t want to put her life in danger.

Overall, his life is a mystery, even to the ones close to him.

One of the few detailed explanations that are given was how he got to meet and join Lupin. After he was hired by some rich man to be his 'bodyguard', it didn’t take long for Lupin to show up and try to rob the man's house, only to be confronted by Jigen. After a brief duel between them, Lupin managed to escape almost unscratched, but Jigen vowed to go after him and kill him, no matter what (because… that’s just how he is, really). The days passed and Jigen just got progressively more frustrated by the fact that he couldn’t seem to get his hands on that blasted thief.

Then, when both of them were captured by the very man whom hired Jigs - Lupin, for trying to steal his most precious possession, the Cram of Hermes, and Jigen for betraying him – and Lupin was given a gun to kill Jigen, the thief ended up not doing it, telling Jigen’s ‘boss’ that he should kill Jigen himself if he wanted vengeance so much.

From this point on - and after being saved a second time - Jigen started to feel some sort of respect towards Lupin, but that didn’t exactly stop him from seeking his own personal revenge (because really, the guy escaped from him when he was trying to kill him, that’s unforgivable). He even went after Goemon, whom was after Lupin himself, just to kill the samurai so then he could be the only one 'hunting down' the thief (and, in his own words, he owned Lupin a favor for saving his life).

It didn’t take long for them to actually join forces, when Jigen's former boss started to chase after them and demand their extermination. With some help from the police which arrives at the brink of time, they escaped, mostly unharmed, and have been together since them.

But even that is open to speculation, because, at the end of all this narrative, it is revealed that not everything from that story is real, so it's never clear what's true, or even if that's a factual story. Not to mention that the episodes in the series don't really follow a chronological order. They are quite 'episodic' and don't really reveal much about the past of any of the characters, so it’s hard to pinpoint specific facts from Jigen’s past aside from the very few things mentioned.

Moral Standing:

Morals in the Lupin universe are very... skewed, really. Like stated beoe, even though he's a thief Jigen scores really high in the "honor" department, and he has some principles he'll never break. Like how both him and Lupin only aim to steal people who are either filthy rich or criminals themselves. It's also mighty rare to see him threatening any women, even if they annoy the hell out of him (the biggest example being Fujiko). Also, like stated, if he gives someone his word, he's going to keep and you better believe it! all in all, despite his criminal ways, Jigen is a good person to have on your side, because he'll never let you down, if you don't let him down that is.


Jigen doesn't have big dreams. Well, when compared to Lupin's dreams they aren't really that big. Maybe still some rare jewel here, hit jackpot in some bank there... His dreams are thief's dreams, as one would expect *haha*


His biggest fear is probably losing Lupin. He has shown, in many occasions, to completely flip his shit whenever he thinks Lupin died, from openly crying to shooting aimlessly out of sheer anger and frustration. Also, he's naturally afraid of something happening to either his hands or his sight, since he's a marksman.


Let me babble a bit about Jigen's abilities as a marksman, because really, this needs to be mentioned since it's a huge part of who he is.

Mainly, he's one exceptional shooter, with the ability to aim and shoot with amazing precision and speed (it is rumored that he has a drawing time of 0.3 seconds with a handgun, but these are just RUMORS, right???). He’s more inclined to make use of revolvers, which are his specialty, but he'll be happy to shoot with anything from machine guns to sniping rifles. He's just THAT obsessed with guns. Also, the thing about the hat over his eyes? It’s just so you don't where he's looking at, so he might be aiming at you without you even knowing. Spooky, right?

Still on the same subject, he's fairly good at hand-to-hand fighting, but nothing really above normal when compared to someone leading a life of crime similar to his. So, he can hold his own against, like, average people, but you can't really expect him to take down people who are considerably stronger than him with his bare hands. Especially if they come in numbers. He might be quick on his feet, but that ability can only take him so far...

Regarding other traits, he can pass by someone else pretty easily, due to his ability to disguise himself, a skill that he probably got to learn from Lupin, whom is amazingly talented when it comes to that.

Last but not least, have some additional funny 'tidbits' about his personality which aren't important to the story but are worth mentioning: his favorite drink is whisky, he sometimes tends to chain smoke and his favorite gun is the S&W Combat Magnum M19. Also, he doesn’t like people messing with his hat, specially taking it off his head. DON'T DO IT UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET SHOT IN THE HAND! (OK, if you are somewhat friends with him he won't shoot you) Oh, and his feet tend to itch when he feels that something REAL BAD is about to unfold. Yes, this is canon, as weird as it sounds.

Character Location: He has no real location that he can "bring", so yeah...
Samples: The opening to the first Season (it's really hard to find Lupin things that aren't either in Italian or AMVs...)
Writing Sample:

(( LET'S DO THIS. Tried to set it as if he's on Ink City, because I couldn' think of another scenario ))

Jigen found himself hiding in the warehouse, a grin from ear to ear as he studied the silver statue in front of him. God, that was hard work, but in the end it was all worthy. He laughed to himself remembering how he almost got caught, but was able to perform a magnificent escape.

Boy, Lupin would be proud.

His laughter diminished as he thought about his friend. Man, what was Lupin doing right now? Was he looking for him, maybe? Well, probably. They were partners, right? And they got each other's backs, so if he went missing he was sure Lupin would look for him.


Pulling a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, Jigen sighed, before lighting up the cigarette and taking a drag from it. He had grown used to that city, but sometimes he missed home. Missed the people there. Hell, he would even go as far as saying he missed Fujiko. Having her to annoy him was better than having no one at all. It was weird how he grew attached to a few people back home. He thought he would never care about anyone anymore.

Specially after some of the things that happened in his life.

Taking another drag from his cigarette, Jigen proceeded to wrap the silver statue in some worn out piece of cloth. He would have to disappear from the city for a while, or at least try to pass by unnoticed. Either way, he was glad. The thrill of the chase was something he needed in his life. Sure a peaceful life was a good choice too, but he had grown so used to the life of crime, living out of it felt unnatural.

Still, being all by himself like that also felt strange. Maybe he should try and connect to someone.

After all, what were the odds of someone betraying him there? Everyone in that city was stuck there, with no chance of leaving. Everyone was on the same predicament. Backstabbing someone sure wasn’t the way to go.
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