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Jan. 26th, 2010 12:45 am
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[OOC post ahead]

This thing right here was totally copied from [ profile] lolspiritfinger, and I regret nothing! I just thought it would be nice to have this up here, for organization sake. It must be noted that, even if Jigen really cares about someone, it'll be quite rare for him to show any kind of 'real' display of affection, because he simply fails at doing such thing.

Important note: This table will be updated constantly as the time passes. If you interacted with Jigs and isn't listed here, wait a little bit and I'll be adding you, eventually. I'll add the 'most significant' relationships first and add the minor ones as the time passes.

: He doesn't care if you exist or not // He's gonna punch your face if he ever sees you D=<
: Acquaintances // Getting to know you
: Neutral relationship // You wave at him, he'll wave back
: Good friends // He'll be willing to listen and talk to you
: He really, really cares if you are alive or not // He'll totally be there for you whenever you need it
: IF SOMEONE EVER HURTS YOU HE'S GONNA HUNT DOWN WHOEVER DID IT! Consequences will never be the same!
: Total and unconditional looove (aka, the tag that will never be used *lol*)


Name: -



Name: Suki

Even if he doesn't really say it out loud, Suki is a somewhat good friend of his. If she ever gets into some kind of trouble, he'll definitely lend her a hand and try to help the best way he can. Sure he knows she's more than capable of handling things herself, but he can't help but worry.

Name: America (Alfred F. Jones)

STOP REMINDING HIM OF LUPIN IT'S CREEPY. That aside, America is a nice guy and Jigen doesn't mind talking and interacting with him at all. He still doesn't know much about him, but the little he knows is enough to put him at ease and know that, nope. Alfred isn't going to stab him in the eye or something (unless the Facility tells him to...)

Name: Gabriel
You are the best never stop being awesome. Even if the conversations between them aren't the most... deep, Jigen kind of enjoys those. Heck, Gabriel was the only person capable of making him at least crack a smile during that whole 'I lost my eye and I'm mad as hell' event, so that certainly counts for something!

Name: Emilia
So, aside from her ALWAYS scolding him on his language (because Jigen swears a lot and can't really help it), he actually thinks she's cool. Maybe it's the fact that she's from the 1800's and is less intimidating than those women from the future!

Name: Lithuania (Toris Lorinaitis)

He's slowely getting to know Toris, since he offered to help Jigen on training with swords and whatnot (because Jigs is bored to tears and needs a passtime). Certainly hoping this leads to a good relationship!

Name: James Buchanan Barnes

So, Bucky seems cool, so far. Let's see what he has to say once he finds out Jigen is a wanted criminal *lol*

Name: Remus J. Lupin

No, no, not that Lupin, but it'll do. Even though Jigen didn't exactly 'buy' that whole "I'm a wizard" part, he can't help but be kind of curious.

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